Northwest Associated Arts – SilverSounds Auditions

SilverSounds Northwest Auditions


Membership in SilverSounds Northwest is open to any retired individual who wants to participate in a chorus that enjoys singing many genres from the rock ’n roll era from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and splash of contemporary hits. People interested in singing in SSN will be invited to sing a short excerpt from a song in a private session with the conductor, Paula Hawkins.  Paula will vocalize your voice to help her place you in the proper section of the chorus.

We are looking for choristers with previous experience in singing in an ensemble, but this is not required for membership.   SilverSounds will provide a musical home to singers from around the region who are free during the daytime for rehearsal.


Rehearsals are held at Southminster Presbyterian Church in Des Moines every Tuesday, beginning October 3, 2017. From October to December, rehearsals run from 1-3:30pm, in preparation for the holiday concert on December 9-10, 2017. From January to April, rehearsals run from 1-3pm, in preparation for the Spring mainstage concert on April 15, 2018.

To begin the season there is a kick-off retreat and potluck on September 26, 2017. Here you will sight-read through the entire season, have a potluck lunch, meet new friends, socialize, sign up for creative volunteer opportunities and then go into sectional rehearsals to practice several songs. After a short break we will return together to sing those songs rehearsed in the sectionals.

Additional Member Requirements

Members of SilverSounds pay tuition of $90 for the concert season, which helps cover the cost of sheet music, rehearsal space and organizational overhead. In addition, each member will be responsible to purchase a uniform performance shirt/blouse.

Tuition scholarships are available based upon need.

To Schedule an Audition

To schedule an audition, contact Artistic Director, Paula Hawkins, at 206.719.1179 or During the meeting, Paula will get to know your vocal range and solo/harmonizing capabilities. Bring a favorite song to sing.